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The Rolls-Royce™ Silver Ghost is a fascinating, durable car that our coachbuilders are working to restore. It is known that this Silver Ghost was bought by an 18-year-old South American when it was new. The First World War was underway at the time, so it's a true feat that the Silver Ghost successfully made its way to South America. More recently, the Silver Ghost has been preserved within an English car collection.

Rebuilding The Body

Drawing upon extensive experience, our team are producing a new body for this vehicle from scratch. The chassis we are crafting takes the style of the 1914 Silver Ghost "London-to-Edinburgh" design. Paying extraordinary attention to detail, we are working to make our recreation look as authentic as possible. Working closely with the vehicle's owner, we are listening attentively to feedback. 'For example, we've adjusted the seating to ensure our client a comfortable driving position.

Crafting Additional Conponents

In addition to the chassis, our skilled team created a new body frame, panels and wings for the Silver Ghost. Following this, we carried out detailed painting and trimming. Once completed, our client intends to take this beautiful car on a tour across America.

Taking Exceptional Care

As with all the cars we restore, our team works rigorously and thoroughly to ensure vehicles are refurbished to an unparalleled standard. Clients choose our services because we are well-established, reputable, and place our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

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