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When the owner of a remarkable Clément-Bayard motorcar got in touch with us explaining that he had a few problems with the body of his vehicle, we were happy to lend our assistance. The Clément-Bayard in question is a stunning car that has enjoyed a wealth of attention throughout the years. As a result, it required our best efforts to ensure that the restoration was performed properly. This gives the vehicle the boost it needs to last a lifetime.

Dismantling The Vehicle

To start, we took the entire vehicle apart. This was necessary as the chassis timber was in a particularly poor state. Demonstrating the critical need for care and attention when working on a vintage vehicle, our team discovered several components that had been been poorly repaired previously. Thankfully, we restored the vehicle, regaining a dramatic amount of detail that had been lost under paintwork and filler.

Back In The Race

Now in top condition, this Clément-Bayard has participated in the Bonhams™ London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. In its day, the Clément-Bayard was a ground-breaking car. Today, taking it on the road could be cause for alarm, as the vehicle is unable to exceed speeds of 20 miles per hour. Nevertheless, this enchanting car was a pleasure to drive and restore.

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